In most cases a tooth extraction should be a treatment of last resort. But, Dr. Bryant Birch may recommend this treatment if it is in fact the best thing that can be done to keep your smile healthy and functional. If you are concerned about potential discomfort be sure to let our team members know and they will do their best to keep make sure that you have an easy visit. And an extraction does not mean an end to your smile! Dr. Birch offers a number of restorative treatments and will be happy to help you find one that fits you perfectly. Are concerned that you may need a tooth extraction in Green River, Wyoming? You can contact our office to meet with our dentist about the following options:

If you have been experiencing pain or sensitivity in a tooth or if you have painful or swollen gums call Birch Family Dental at 307-875-3658 and a member of our team will help you plan your visit.

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