Office Based Anesthesia & Sedation

Our dentist and team is now proud to offer anesthesia and sedation for a dental patients wanting to be asleep during their dental procedures! A professional anesthetist has joined our team here at Birch Family Dental to safely sedate and monitor our patients during their dental procedures! Our office has been vetted and approved by the state of Wyoming licensing board to be able to offer this to our patients.

What is Office Based Anesthesia & Sedation?
It is a variety of medication options specifically chosen and administered to the needs of each patient and experience while remaining in your doctor’s inspected and permitted office.

Our specific anesthetic is referred to as a total intravenous anesthetic (TIVA) with deep sedation. Deep sedation provides unconsciousness where the patient does not see, hear or feel anything unpleasant or unwanted during dental procedure with Dr. Birch. These anesthetic medications are administered through an IV line.

From select pediatrics to geriatrics, we have a solution for you.

Our anesthetist is J. Christopher Lincoln, CRNA, MSNA

If you have any questions about anesthesia and sedation in Green River, Wyoming, please contact us at 307-875-3658.

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