Does Diet Matter to Dental Health?

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Diet plays a major role in your child’s oral health, and the foods they eat can reduce the health of their teeth and gums or provide more support for their smile. We are pleased to provide insight into how food affects dental health and influences the quality of your child’s teeth.

As you already know, sugary foods and drinks can be bad for teeth, and this is because sugar mingles with bacteria to become a harmful oral acid that eats at the teeth and increases the risk of cavities and infection. Similarly, foods with starch cling to the teeth and remain for a long time, leading to the development of tooth decay. A diet full of acidic food can weaken and break down the tooth enamel, leaving the teeth vulnerable.

Because children are frequently exposed to sweets and unhealthy snacks, keeping their diet completely healthy can be very hard to do. You can counteract sugar and starch by encouraging your child to develop daily dental habits such as brushing and flossing their teeth and seeing the dentist regularly for dental checkups.

Our team at Birch Family Dental recommends that your child’s meals consist of food good for teeth, such as water, vegetables, fruit, lean protein and whole grains. Fruits that have fluoride can improve tooth enamel, while protein sources are full of phosphate to nourish teeth. Dairy products contain calcium to naturally strengthen the teeth against damage.

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