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Smaller Tooth Nerves Equal Larger Cavities

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Do you wonder why cavities seem to appear out of nowhere with little to no warning? Actually, cavities develop for some time before symptoms begin to appear, and if your teeth have lost sensitivity, they are less likely to register the presence of a cavity.

Over time, the nerves in teeth can grow smaller and become less effective, resulting in reduced sensitivity to tooth decay. As a result, tooth decay can develop into large, invasive cavities before your teeth are aware that a problem exists. For older patients who have weakened teeth, this can mean the loss of a tooth.

To reduce the risk of extensive tooth decay, we encourage you to visit Birch Family Dental twice a year for a thorough dental exam by Dr. Bryant Birch and our team. We will perform a full analysis of your smile, using dental X-rays to see what is not visible on the surface, to screen for even the most trace amounts of tooth decay or other dental problems. If a problem is revealed during this exam, our dentist will help you create a customized treatment plan to eliminate the decay and restore your smile to full health.

As you age, it is imperative that you continue to visit the dentist at regular intervals for important dental exams. We encourage you to give Birch Family Dental a call at 307-875-3658 today if you are due for your next dental exam in Green River, Wyoming.