The Basics of Tooth Restorations

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The options for improving your smile are far and wide. Several restoration treatments are designed to improve the healthy of your smile and even approve the visual appearance of it. Treatments can be customized and crafted to your exact dental profile to ensure that you receive a treatment that not only effectively minimizes damage but also drastically lowers your risk for damage in the future. Setting forth an effective treatment plan involves visiting our dentists for restorations, repairs and fixes as needed.

If you’re looking to enhance your smile through a tooth restoration, it is important to understand what type of damage has been done and which treatments will work best for you. If you have a situation in which a tooth is continually vulnerable to outside forces and requires an additional layer of protection, a dental crown can prove to be highly effective. Dental crowns cap teeth on all sides and act as a sort of barrier for the tooth.

If you wish to enhance the look of a tooth, a dental veneer can be crafted and designed to match the look, size, shape and color you desire. Your veneer can then be placed on the front surface of your tooth, giving your teeth a better look than even nature can provide.

In situations where a tooth has developed a cavity, our dentists can provide you with a highly reliable dental filling after the damaged areas of your tooth have been cleaned. If you have teeth that are healthy but are not the color or shade you want, a tooth whitening treatment can help.

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